August Lookback

For those of you who are new here or have wondered about my “newsletter” tab, I thought I would include a short update. If you have been following my blog through WordPress, you likely receive automated post notifications. Recently, I began a weekly newsletter through Mailchimp in which you will receive emails directly from me. Though I do not yet have a pop-up form on the blog, I created a “newsletter” tab if you would like to join my email list. I am so thankful for each one of you, and would love to have you join me. Now, for my monthly lookback…

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The day grace pled for me

I am sharing a sketch I wrote a few weeks back, one that is very close to my heart. At times, I have found myself stuck in figurative “court room.” Along with the enemy’s condemnation, I have condemned myself and rejected grace. At another’s wise suggestion, I have outlined what my “thought-based” court room would look like–and reconstructed what it should look like. There is only one who has the final say–and He has already rested our case.

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Travel Entry 1

*one month ago*

I am drawn out of a daze to look around at the boxes in my room. Each room holds a share of fond memories that I will soon have to leave behind. I walk along the hallway and remember the laughs and tears, the hugs and frustrations that have filled our home. Here is where I my energy soured, and crashed. I’ve loved our country home. Yet, there is so much more ahead.

So much more.

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