Hope for Weary Hearts

The day was bright and the wind was rejuvenating. I pictured the crisp, blue water that I would soon be overlooking and could almost hear the excited waves lapping onto the shore. Running by the lake front was my quiet place where I felt my anxiety lighten. With every stride, I felt more at ease. Even though I ran for pleasure, I ran hard. Some days I felt as if I was carrying a heavy weight that held me back. What pushed me forward was the idea of finishing.

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In Our Place

“When communion with God had been one’s oxygen, ones meat and drink, throughout one’s whole life, without a single moment of interruption by sin-to suddenly bear the unspeakable weight of all our sins? Who could survive that? To lose that depth of communion was to die. The great love at the heart of the universe was being rent in two. The world’s light was going out.” [i]

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A Garden in Dry Ground

Long winters have a way of stirring my anticipation for spring. While the cold hush of winter is settled over the earth, I find it hard to picture branches sprouting new life. But as clockwork, spring subtly makes a return. Once more, the bleak winter sky begins to lighten and the sun peaks out from behind thick clouds. The light breeze sends the low notes of the mourning dove into the fresh air. Buds are breaking free from frost. While winter left a mark, creation bounces back with a new hope, whispering winter’s end and pointing to a new horizon.

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I’m Back! (And hoping in what is to come)

After a much longer break than expected, I have finally found my pen. 🙂 Thank you to all who reached out and prompted me to write. I’m so happy to be back and I have much to share! But first, I want to share with you a thought that has been pressing on my heart. While I was looking through some of my previous posts, and I landed on a continuous theme: hope.

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