I’m Lindsey, a lover of words and the beauty of nature, from the sunset to the stars. But as a little girl, I was a chaser of adventure. From running barefoot through creek beds to soaring over jumps on my pony, I had a way of chasing the stars, always dreaming and doing.

My highest star was starting a blog. I deeply longed to share my words with the world; my subject, however, was ever-changing. I filled notebooks with stories of warring kingdoms, lost princesses, and daring rescues—but I could never seem to weave a purpose into my daydreams. Until I realized that I had my own story of redemption to tell. Because at one time, I had been the one who needed rescuing.

I accepted Jesus before I could form a memory of the day. All I knew was that He had what I needed—forgiveness. Even then, I understood that my heart was a messy place in need of cleansing. But Jesus never became real to me until later on, when my thought of starting a blog slowly resurfaced.

After years of scraping stories, I finally had a reason to write. My start was slow, but my focus was clear—I wanted my words to shake the world. At heart, I was still a dreamer. It was not until I began a long trudge through illness that my dreams faded into reality. What I wrote about—of presence and purpose in dark seasons—was no longer abstract.

I began to feel drawn to the broken. Perhaps because, I too, had been broken. I wanted others to know hope—because I had once lost hope. I want others to embrace the broken–because that is where I saw God work. My blog became a place where I could put pen to paper and process my thoughts, not having to sugar coat what hurt.

Because maybe in the hurt is where the most hope is found.

I pray that we can see that hope together, and learn to embrace each day–as messy and truly beautiful as they can be.