awake and alone

When the horizon clips the trees

And you know the dark is coming
But your heart is just too weak
To bear the silence before morning

When you hide from the shadows
Fearing what you do not know
Just remember in the darkness
You are never on your own.

The night will come and
With it the silence.
But remember, like you,
Your Savior suffered in quiet.

Awake and alone in the garden
He bled in grief
Over what He would bear
For you. For me.

He wept but He prayed
Alone on that night
When the shadows closed in
He looked to the light.

So, do not lose heart,
Though the dark will come
In the memories, in the fear,
When your heart goes numb—

Weep over your hurt
But remember your hope
Your Savior bled in the dark
That you may never be alone.

3 thoughts on “awake and alone”

  1. What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing your heart in such an encouraging way, keeping your eyes fixed on Christ!


  2. Amazing insight! So encouraging! I especially liked the last stanza, ‘weep over your hurt’. I was listening to a podcast about lamenting and one of the key take aways, lament over your hurt. Many Christians think that keeping it all together means not show tears. I definitely can relate, I am trying to take the time to experience the hurt rather than run from it.


  3. Wow loved this poem. I can’t believe you wrote this! Well actually I can. You are so creative and the Lord has given you many gifts. Thanks for sharing your heart through poetry. I love it 🙂


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