When I have Cares

As a follower of Jesus, how could I deny Him?

Yet, in some ways, I have. Lately, I have found myself turning to people and circumstances for answers. One by one, people have failed me. My normal has been hijacked, and I have been left wanting.

It has taken disappointment to make me realize that I have not been relying fully on Him. With this realization, I have come to see how I deny His presence in my everyday life.

Every day that I carry my burdens alone, every day that I question His purpose, every day that I bow to sin–I am doubting the truth of who He is. When I seek control of my life, I displace Him as Sovereign. When I hold onto my cares, I doubt Him as my Comforter. If He truly is Lord, He should always be my answer.

It is when I try to find my own answer that I deny His presence. I forget that nothing is beyond the reach of my Savior–not my family, my emotions, my sin, or my future.

He is enough for everything in life, which should lead me to rely on Him–in prayer and trust. These are acts of belief. In seeking Him, I am expressing faith in who He is.

So, I pray for faith. I pray that we, as followers, may continually trust Him with our cares. I pray that we would hope in His promises, even when life does not seem promising. I pray that we would live like our Savior reigns. Because, friends, He does. And nothing is beyond the reach of our King.

1 thought on “When I have Cares”

  1. I have lately felt this same way. Thank you for reminding me he is enough.

    Beautiful stated




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