February Lookback

Layers of healing I’ve yet to uncover

String lights and stacked pillows for morning quiet time

Finding support in unlikely places

A friend’s tears to remind me that we never suffer alone

Everyday Faithfulness

An impromptu breakfast date with my mom

A coffee shop that serves large mugs instead of cups

Sunshine after a week of bleak skies

The freedom that follows transparency

Rediscovering old journals entries I had forgotten

Reassessing future dreams

James 1:2-6

Earlier sunrises to wake me up

Knowing He is drawing closer when I feel farthest

A floral prayer box of Psalms from my dad

The peace that follows a night of anxiety

Hour-long drives with podcasts running in the background

Saving my wilting plant with some extra light

Joy’s circuits around our loft

Accepting help

Thankful for others to see what I can not

Grace that replaces our deepest shame

Blanket sweaters on bitter days

Common grace

Lyrics that play at just the right moment

Reframing my suffering to see the good that God is working

Coming back to prayer and seeing that He never left

Mourning the brokenness in our world and dancing the line between the already and not yet

2 thoughts on “February Lookback”

  1. Lindsey I love your posts. I am proud of you the beautiful work you put into this blog. Have a blessed day. God’s love and peace love Grams

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