Everywhere I look

Where is Your glory here? I left the house in tears. If only I could just see the purpose, the goodness You work through all…

After the service, my friend spots me and smiles warmly. “I’m praying for you”, she whispers, as she wraps her arm around me. Thankfulness wells up inside me as Galatians 6:2 comes to mind.

The end of a long week and all I need is some soul-rest. The house is empty and I am left with two sweet hours of quiet. As I journal at his feet, His Word calms my every fear.

She forces smile in the midst of tears. “It’s been a hard week,” she admits. I listen as she shares what no one else has heard, blessed to share in her pain and strangely thankful for my own.

My phone chirps with a new voicemail, notifying me of an unexpected phone call from a family member. “Thinking of the card you sent.” It’s the simple things, I smile, looking up from my unmarked planner.

Laundry piles high and dishes clutter the sink. My bible is still left unread. Some weeks feel so dry. By afternoon, I open a new book left on the coffee table. Everyday Faithfulness. His glory truly does pour through clay pots, turning everyday sacred.

A stream flows through the icy shards. The sound ripples under the bridge, quieting my mind as I end my walk. Spring is coming. How God does the same in us, turning our dry hearts into riverbeds.

It’s in the ordinary. The people I pass every day, the pockets of rest, the canvas outside my window. The pain that opens doors to love and be loved. These are the outlets for His glory, the smatterings of His goodness.

If only we would have eyes to see.

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