Year-end joys

The year has been a full one. I can look back both with tears in my eyes and with joy in my heart. Even through my doubts, I feel my trust in the Lord has deepened. I now celebrate the end of those doubts even as thank Him for revealing more His steadfast love. Just know that whatever comes in 2022, He will hold you fast. That promise is sure.

2021 also been a year of “awareness” as my one friend put it. I received two diagnoses at the beginning of the year. Both related to mold exposure, they crashed our plans for further home remodeling, leading to a three-month move and too much time at a hotel. Looking back, I can see how God used all for a purpose (even the long months sharing a closet-sized kitchen). I could not be more thankful for our new home, now much closer to our church family. Though healing takes time, knowledge is everything. It is like finding the right pieces to a puzzle; I may not see exactly how they fit together but I at least have them in view. As my friend concluded, I hope to have a year of breakthroughs.

Now that we are closer to our church family, I am learning what it looks like to grow in a community; nothing has been sweeter than the time spent investing in and leaning on others. The church truly has been a piece of my life that was missing for years.

Milestones? Adulthood! I am still enjoying my time at home, even as I anticipate a new season of life in the coming year. I also launched my newsletter close to my third-year anniversary of blogging (exciting!). Writing is a process, like many things. Finding my voice has been a challenge, but it has been such a joy to share the journey with you. I am so thankful for all my readers.

I have many favorites from the year…Keith and Kristyn Getty on repeat, sage green colors, my watercolor journal, and early sunrises just to name a few. Someday I will have a complete list of life favorites.

Next month I will go back to posting monthly joys, but I thought you may enjoy a short recap of the year. December was filled with much resting, but also making sweet memories with family. Making homemade cards and hanging warm bulbs on my tree always makes me smile. I hope your December was filled with just as much joy.

Now, for the year ahead… a year of anticipating the new the Lord is bringing.

Soli Deo Gloria.

4 thoughts on “Year-end joys”

  1. I look forward to what this next year brings you! May God bless you! May there be more answers, more opportunities, more growth, and more adventures! And many journal pages and blog posts written from your heart.

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