18 lessons in 18 years

Healing is a life-long process

Surrender is a day by day choice

Perfection is impossible—and that’s ok

Songs heal when there are no words

There is a sweetness in suffering

I need laughter

“He giveth more grace when the burden grows greater”

Progress is only seen in hindsight (life is full of baby steps)

Conviction is a gift (and differs from condemnation)

Following Jesus is not a feeling

We are not islands

Rest is not lazy

God’s Word is so important (and Theology is for everyone)

He is worthy of my trust

Emotions are not good leaders

He wants my heart—not my abilities

Forgiving others frees yourself

Jesus is the only one who satisfies

4 thoughts on “18 lessons in 18 years”

  1. This inspired me to start a list ….but I need to come up with 31 things 😂 But I don’t think it will be that hard, God continual teaches me things.

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