A goodness that redeems

Eternity changes everything. Yet to be fully life-changing, the hope of eternity must be coupled with the right understanding of our creation. After nearly 18 years and countless Old Testament lessons, the important of Genesis 1:31 finally struck me.

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”

Very good.

I know that’s how the earth was created, for even now I see the beauty of God’s original design shine through the brokenness. Every flower that blooms, every leaf that falls, every sun sets, splaying the sky with dazzling colors—these are peaks into the world before the fall.

And every peak I catch leads me to say “O LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth! (Psalm 8:1).”

Creation shouts His majesty. And we are part of that. That is why we are drawn to chapters such as Psalm 139 and Revelation 22. We hold onto our value and worth in God’s eyes even as we are rejected and devalued in man’s.

When I was young, Genesis 3 seemed to be nursey’s soundtrack. From songs to plays, I learned that we are created very good but one apple—one doubt—changed us. From then on, we doubted God’s purposes, looking at the world through jaded eyes.

Those verses shaped my faith and should have shaped my view of God. Yet, like Eve, I have let doubts tumble into my heart, shaking me from the truths that were planted young. When my heart hurts, those doubts lead me to question His purposes.

Those doubts shatter at one thought. God is always good. And He is always good to me.

While His sovereignty ordains our sufferings, He never smiles at our pain. Instead, his goodness redeems suffering. And changes how we suffer.

Perhaps the sweetest comfort is that He is not simply letting our ashes fall, He has redeemed them. And offered us the life that we crave. If we only trust. That is faith: trusting Him with our present and future redemption.

Trusting that He is always only good, even when the world is broken. And ever holding to His peace.

A peace that surpasses our longings, because they are fulfilled in His never-ending goodness. That is who He is. And who He is—and how He created—can plant our hearts in the truth that He truly does redeem all for good.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

6 thoughts on “A goodness that redeems”

  1. I feel very, very small when I consider God’s power, purpose, and sovereignty over human evil, brokenness and suffering. Does he want it? Morally, no. It absolutely contradicts his nature. And yet sovereignly, yes, he does want a world filled with evil. In other words, God is more glorified in a world filled with evil and suffering than he is in a world without. Our God reigns from the heavens, he does whatever he wants (to paraphrase Ps. 115:3). And this is the world he wanted to make. So he did. A world that would include evil and suffering. Yet, wonderfully, beautifully, and awe-inspiringly, this is the world he’s promised he will completely redeem. Again, I feel very, very, very small when I’m thinking such thoughts, even as I’m filled with warm and solid hope for the future.

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    1. Yes, his purpose is inexplicable. I cut out a part in which I wrestled with that–his moral nature only wants good yet he ordains suffering. I’m just happy to know he is good is all he does.


      1. I like how you said that: “I’m just happy to know he is good in all he does.” I really appreciate how I’ve heard this idea expressed: when you have a relationship with God and know his character, the “problem of evil” isn’t actually a problem– it’s a mystery. It’s the “mystery of evil.” No, I don’t completely understand God’s purposes for evil, but I what I do know is GOD. I know my God, and I trust him. I trust that he’s always good, even when it’s hard to see past the carnage in the world around me.

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  2. I love this. I was just thinking about how broken the world is and how we need to trust God. This was perfect timing. I just love these thoughts on His goodness, so hopeful and true… ❤ Thank you so much.

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