Where our hearts meet

The words are raw, ones I have prayed over and over. There I learn names for my doubts and fears, my thanks and longing. The tears reveal my own and the pages uncover what I bury. The Psalms often seem to reflect my own heart.

But there is so much more that draws me to the Psalms, for the pages reflect more than my own heart; they reflect the heart of my Lord. The words not only label my hurt, but they also lead me to the One who broke so that I may leave healed.

As I read Psalm 41, I can feel the betrayal as Judas snuck away from the last supper. I can see His blood through the words of Psalm 22 as he asked why the Father had forsaken him. I can hear His laments from the cross as I read Psalm 42.

The tears that flow through the pages, the prayers that capture our souls–they reveal a God who is close to us, one that bent to our level to feel what we feel and to cry the tears we cry. He knows the wonders of heaven, yet He chose to share in our sorrow.

But that’s not all.

Jesus not only shares our sorrows, but has saved us from them, and even now, prepares a place beyond them. The Psalms may reveal what we feel here on earth, but they also show us our cure. That as we pour our hearts out to Him, we may see the depth of His heart for us.

I see Your glory in the middle of Your suffering
I see Your glory through Your pain
For the joy set before You
You endured it all

All this suffering will pass away
No more death, no tears, no sorrow, no pain
On my final day
I’ll be in Your glory

Glory by 20Schemes

4 thoughts on “Where our hearts meet”

  1. This is why the Psalms are the first thing I turn to in the morning when I open God’s Word. They help set my course for the day by drawing me close to my Lord and filling my heart with worship and praise. Thanks for your beautiful reflection!

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  2. I’ve been personally reading through the Psalms (should finish up tonight), and I’ve been again put in awe of how much of God’s character and compassion shine through this divine songbook. Someday I want to make a personal, detailed study of every psalm, answering the simple question, “What does this passage teach me about my God?” So, so much gold. And I love that song by 20 Schemes! Such a haunting melody with penetrating truth.

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