June Lookback

After a long month, I wondered if I would even have happy moments to share. But I just had to look more closely to see what is always present. More on that next week…here a few joys and changes that speckled my month.

Finally half diagnosed

Singing out loud while packing

A mix of fear and longing for treatment ahead

Pilates by an open window on stormy days

Refreshed by the Diamonds summer event

Bright coral lilies in open fields

Rescue and Hold on to Me by Lauren Daigle

Finishing another year of school

In wonder of a love that looks down to see the lovely in me

Parting with a couch I’ve has since childhood

Watching God redeem the lives of others

Promises by Maverick City

Embracing my identity apart from illness

“Chronically Healing”

Morning devotions on our deck

Never Alone study by Daily Grace

Letting go of my last year of cross country

Starting two new journals (another on the way)

Rushing to see a storm break over the water

Tasting two new dairy free/sugar free ice cream recipes

Raw/exhausted prayers

Halfway through my first college semester

A day of podcasts, books, and art

6 thoughts on “June Lookback”

  1. I love your reflections sweetheart. Some made me smile and brought laughter, and some nearly brought me to tears (Lauren Daigle, seriously?!), but they all made me proud of my amazing daughter.

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