The Moment of Repulsion

I found the book enveloped between two stacks of notebooks. My eyes had wandered over to that corner before, but I had refused to add another book to my ever-expanding list. After hearing my friend’s excitement over the book, my curiosity caved. A week later, and we began a study through Uninvited. I had no idea how timely my study would be.

Recently, the enemy has come rattling at the doors of my heart, armed with lies intended to shake my faith. And I’ve been completely unaware. I’m now beginning to realize that the lies I believe about myself will be placed on others if I don’t replace the lies with truth. They will shadow my whole perspective.

If I’m unlovable, God must be mistaken when He calls me His chosen treasure. The unreturned phone call must be yet another rejection. Another picture frame to hide away. That’s the catch: lies do not stay hidden, they permeate every part of our lives.

In believing a lie, I unknowingly, stage war with the very ones who care. But I’ve found the one I’m truly fighting is Satan, the Father of Lies who seeks to rewrite our identities and frame them at the center of our relationships. As Satan weaves lies, God seeks to plant truth.

And so there is a war.

Yet, the enemy line fades, and lies seems to converge with truth; but that has been Satan’s plan since the garden of Eden, to merge lies with truth, to sprinkle shreds of truth within the lies. However, just as magnets, they will always repel.

Truth and falsehood cannot coexist.

Maybe, if we could recognize that moment of repulsion, our whole perspective would be transformed. Instead of living in light of lies, we could live shaped by the truth of God. Lies want to stay hidden, but we can lift them to the light. And maybe, that moment could change our lives.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ

1 Corinthians 10:5

8 thoughts on “The Moment of Repulsion”

  1. Some of the most helpful counsel on sanctification I’ve ever heard is the reality that “behind every fall is a lie.” Anytime I’m giving into any temptation, I’m believing a lie (or lies) about God, myself, and/or others. But identifying the lie, confronting it, and defeating it with truth (at the level of my will, not just my mind), that is the true battle. Good thoughts (as always), Lindsey!

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  2. Im so happy to see that what I just mentioned as a great book has become a good study and helpful stepping stone of encouragement for our journeys through life. We must always stand firm and reject Satan’s lies. Though it’s not always easy. Sometimes we are our worst enemies. Uninvited is so helpful and relatable.

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