April Joys

Before I share my monthly highlights, I have a couple updates to share.

First, I am excited to have finished my about page (a year in the making)! I have also been playing around with the idea of starting a newsletter. Many of you have let me know that you have not been receiving WordPress post notifications. I am hoping to set up a Mailchimp subscribe option so that you will receive notifications and bimonthly emails directly from me. Lord willing, I will finish that within the next couple months.

Lastly, I want to thank Hannah from His Priceless Daughters for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Although I have not had the chance to write a follow-up post, I thought I would include a link to her blog https://hispricelessdaughters.wordpress.com/. I have been blessed by her faithful writing for Christ.

Here are my joys from April-

Cherry blossoms in full bloom

Feeling the breeze flow through open windows

Being a part of the Diamonds Conference

Putting our house up for sale

Walking through our house-to-be and packing my first box of books

Buying a plant for my new bookshelf


Beauty in the Browns (my favorite read in March)

Ultima electrolyte drinks to keep dizziness at bay

Thai tea in coconut milk and Starbucks copycat pink drinks

The Balanced Life Pilates

“God only Knows”

Waking up to a dozen duck eggs in my window box

The red and orange hues in buds before they turn green

Splashing watercolor flowers on new paper

Repurposing old notebooks

Midway through Deuteronomy; seeing how love and obedience are intertwined

4 thoughts on “April Joys”

  1. Such blessings! Thanks for sharing them with us! Beauty in the Browns looks good, and I keep hearing SUCH good things about Uninvited, I have to read it!!

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