An Everlasting Peace

The first day of December came in a flurry of flakes. I watched as the spiral of snow slowly blanketed the trees. The world looked so calm. That snowy morning brought a new season of advent. And just as the snow, Jesus came, gentle and meek, into a world of chaos.

While Mary and Joseph lodged in a cold stable, the streets of Bethlehem were stirring with crowds of people shouting and rioting for shelter. Zealots brimmed with anger and resentment toward the Romans. Fathers and mothers shielded their small children from the commotion. The little town was far from still.

Not long after the young parents left Bethlehem, an angel came with a warning that caused them to flee to Egypt. Herod’s order for the murder of all firstborn sons pierced an already broken nation. People were aching for a new kingdom, but not a heavenly one. The Jews looked for a kingly deliverer to overtake the Romans; Jesus brought deliverance from sin and death. They wanted one who would fix the wrongs in the world; Jesus promised an everlasting kingdom where peace would be perfected.

Our world today is far from peace. As the days become darker, people wonder at how we can continue to sing of peace on earth. In confusion, people strive to create peace. But peace can only come apart from the world. Jesus was born into a world of chaos to bring an everlasting peace beyond our comprehension; a peace that begins in our hearts.

Peace in a renewed fellowship with God. Peace in a coming kingdom.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

John 14:27

7 thoughts on “An Everlasting Peace”

  1. “Jesus was born into a world of chaos to bring an everlasting peace beyond our comprehension” –excellent truth so eloquently stated. So glad you’ve “picked up your pen” again, so to speak! Great post.

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  2. I found that through this Christmas season, I had to seek peace. The world right now is far from peaceful. But, we can seek after Him for true peace in any chaos.

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  3. Lindsey, Your posts are beautiful and sooo true. Good job keep up the great work!! Love you and your work. Love Grams Where is one for January or did the tests get in the way

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