A Poem: The Life God Saves Us From

In my last post, I wrote a little about reflecting on how you were saved. I was thinking about how the blessing of salvation is something we experience everyday. Because I was saved at a young age, I was not saved from a long background of wandering from God.

However, just because I cannot look back on before I was saved, I can imagine where I would be now. As I look around at the world, I see how my life would be if Christ had not saved me. I would be empty, unfulfilled, dejected, and alone. I would be hopeless.

Doing so makes me treasure my salvation and have compassion for the lost. I was inspired to write a poem of the life that we are This is a poem about what could be-and praise God-what it is instead. I hope you can also identify with the joy in knowing Christ. πŸ™‚

If I walked in darkness
I would try to find a glimmer
In a desperate attempt to see,
Without understanding
That only night reigned in me.

The deceptive, fleeting shadows-
Oh-how I would run!
And chase them and be drawn
Further from the Son.

Betrayed by the shadows,
I would stumble in defeat,
And wonder where to find
True and lasting peace.

But the darkness I would hold
Would only pull me away
From the golden drops of light
That I truly craved.

I can only imagine
Who I would be
If the light of His love
Had not pursued me.

What a sweet day,
When I was made free,
When my life was flooded
With endless mercy!

7 thoughts on “A Poem: The Life God Saves Us From”

  1. What a beautiful reflection on the gift of salvation from the viewpoint of one saved so young! Though my salvation experience was much different than yours, I appreciate the perspective you’ve shared so eloquently. You have a wonderful gift of poetic expression. Your willingness to share it brings glory to our Lord. Keep sharing!

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  2. “I can only imagine
    Who I would be
    If the light of His love
    Had not pursued me.”

    Love it. You eloquently described how I’ve always thought about my salvation; since I grew up in a Christian home, I was protected from many horrible things (that, knowing myself, I know I would have pursued if I only had the opportunity), and I was also continually taught the gospel (which I eventually understood and embraced). I still have a healthy awareness of the pull of sin in my heart NOW, and I can easily imagine where I would be (and what type of person I’d be) if Jesus hadn’t saved me. Some peoples’ testimonies highlight God’s power to save sinners from the worst addictions and problems in their past, and some testimonies highlight God’s power to bless future generations of families that center around the gospel and protect from potential sins in the future. And yet, every single Christian (in a sense) has the same testimony: we were all dead in our sins until God, being rich in mercy, made us spiritually alive. All grace. So glad you realize this now; for me, I don’t think I understood this till I was in college sharing my testimony with an inmate at a county jail…

    Miss you guys!

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