Five Ways to Celebrate Resurrection Day

There is no doubt that the events surrounding Easter this year have been less than normal. Any other year, Easter would be our focus for months. But this year is different. We now have added distractions, anxieties, and changes to steal our focus away from the cross. In the craziness of this time, I have not heard a lot about what Christians are doing to celebrate.

But what better time to celebrate what Christ did for us? He chose the cross to save us and to give us hope beyond our circumstances. Nothing can take away what He has done for us, and that means nothing can keep us from celebrating! Not just this weekend, but everyday. I have a few ideas on how you can celebrate Christ’s resurrection while you are at home. 🙂

Listen to Revised Hymns

Revised hymns are full of rich truths and promises. I love the idea of using the timeless words of a hymn and setting them to a contemporary melody. Here is link to a playlist I made with songs focusing on what Jesus had done for us. I encourage you to listen to or sing these songs with your family this weekend (or anytime :)).

Journal your Testimony

Salvation is an incredible gift. The story of how you were saved is significant because what Jesus did for you was significant. You may not be able to point to a memory of before you were saved, but you can imagine where you would be now without Christ. Take a few moments to reflect on how you were saved and how Christ has worked in your life; praise Him for rescuing you from where you were or where you could be.

“Attend” An Online Service

Being under quarantine has made me so thankful for online resources. We are blessed to have access to hearing God’s Word taught through messages and podcasts. We may not be able to gather as a church, I am thankful for the opportunity to hear online messages and songs from my church.

Read The Gospels

Though I have been reading Galations for the past few weeks, I started a week-long devotional of reading through Luke in preparation for Easter. I encourage you to take some time this weekend to read the events that led up to the resurrection and share your thoughts with your family. As I have been reading through portions of Luke, I been reflecting on the perfect example Jesus set. Once we are saved, we are His followers, and we have His footsteps to follow. I have found this both encouraging and convicting!

Hand Letter/ Paint

If you enjoy art, this is for you. Lettering verses is a way to reflect and meditate on truths that you want to remember. I was inspired by this video by Coffee and Bible Time. I hope to do a watercolor/calligraphy project with one of the revised hymns I shared. Maybe I will include a picture in the next post. 🙂

I hope this post gave you a few ideas on how you can celebrate at home this Resurrection day! Let me know how you are celebrating in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Five Ways to Celebrate Resurrection Day”

  1. This past week as been really special to me. For I am allowing the Lord to take control of areas in my life that have kept me from really worshiping Jesus. So I spent this past week doing many of ways that you listed in how to celebrate Easter. It has rekindled a special love in my heart for what Jesus did on the cross for me. I never want to take for granted. Pray I continue to walk in his light as I allow him to work in those areas of my life that need cleansed.

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