Why I Keep a Journal

Last week, all I saw was the mountain in front of me. The long days were exhausting. In those moments, I needed to refocus. That brings me to the inspiration for this blog post. At the end of every day, I take a few moments to journal. I want to share a few reasons why I journal and how it has helped me refocus.

Who God Is

On the front cover of my last journal, the words “be still” were written in gold. When I finished the journal, those words came back to me. My journal has been a place to reflect on Who God is and what He has done for me. One of my favorite ways to journal is to write out the words to a hymn or song and journal what it means. The words to “Great is Thy Faithfulness” are full of truth. I wrote down ways that God is faithful (He is faithful to keep His promises, faithful in love, faithful to us).

What God Has Done

My journal is not perfect. Some pages are filled with questions, worries, or fears. When I write down my struggles, I can see how He brings me through and how He uses it. Journaing is not about writing perfectly, because we are not. That is the point. Journaling shows us that we are not enough on our own. But God is. I write to remind myself of what God has done in my life through every hill and valley. It is amazing to look back and see how He is writing my story.

What God Is Doing

Everyday is filled with blessings. The verse that God has showed you two days in a row, the answered prayer, the completed project. All of these things should fill our hearts with thanks. I also journal what God is teaching me. This one inspires many blog posts. 🙂

I hope my reasons for journaling inspire you to write and refocus! Just remember, that the purpose of a journal is to write what is on your heart. Surrender your cares to Him, write of His goodness, and watch Him write your story.

4 thoughts on “Why I Keep a Journal”

  1. Journaling is so valuable! I started journaling around age 14 (first on an online blog like this, and then later in a moleskin journal), and my main regret over the past sixteen years is that I haven’t done it more! I heard a quote (I think from Francis Bacon) that I’ve never forgotten; here’s a rough paraphrase: “Reading will make you full, speaking will make you ready, and writing will make you precise.” We’re called to “love God with all of our mind,” and that requires skill in thinking and communicating; journaling helps with both!

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  2. This new year has me journaling more than I have since I have been Christain. I always journaled off and on. But I got so frustrated with all the questions I had for God. I thought this isn’t journaling. But your post kindly reminded me that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I may have seasons where I question God and how he is writing my story. That’s ok. Thank you! Lindsey.

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