A Daily Celebration

Ever since I was little, we have kept a tradition that I cherish each year. On Christmas morning, we share letters we have written to Jesus. Many times the letters cause me to look back over the past year. What I love about writing these letters is that it brings me back to the hope we have been given.

Maybe you look at 2019 with contentment and fulfillment. Or maybe it was filled with pain and loss. For me, this year has been filled with many hard decisions. But when I sit down to write my letter, I see hope that has laced each day of the year. If Jesus did not come to earth as a baby, to live a perfect life, and to pay the penalty for sin, our lives would be in despair. But instead, we have hope of an eternity with our Savior.

I also see how He has worked in my life. How He has taken each circumstance and used it for good. How He has grown areas of my life. But for each area He has grown, I see another that I need to face. It pushes me forward. We are created to grow; each day is a new beginning to be made more like Him. When I reflect on His life here on earth, I am humbled. He had all of our human emotions, yet never sinned. He was tired, but still reached out to others. He was in agony, yet He still gave Himself for us. He came to set this example for us. And I am so glad He did. We can look back and see His grace and look forward toward growth.

When I look into our box of letters, I see themes of hope, grace, and love at the center of each letter. Whatever 2019 has held for you, rest in the fact that God has a purpose. This Christmas, we are not just celebrating a single celebration, it is a daily rejoicing in the hope we have been given. Let us look forward to 2020 with this hope and a heart to grow more like Him.

*This will be my last post of 2019 but I will be back in two weeks!

2 thoughts on “A Daily Celebration”

  1. I love our tradition of writing letters to Jesus. It brings a much more meaningful experience of what Christmas is all about. Our focus on Him!

    I love that the tradition has meant so much to you! It means as much to me. May it continue to inspire you to carry this tradition on.

    I love you my beautiful daughter!


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