Ideas to Help You Stay Organized this Christmas

I am writing about something different because if you have read many of my posts, you know that I like to come up with new ideas! I have been saving this post for Christmas time because distractions reach a climax in December. Today, I am sharing my organization/planning tips. I hope these ideas give you inspiration as you celebrate the reason for Christmas (and keep Him the focus throughout the year!).

My purpose for organizing is to stay productive and to stay intentional. God has called each of us to different stages in life, involving different tasks. Every minute is a blessing from Him and keeping organized is a helpful way to not waste our fleeting days. But no matter what stage in life you are in, we are called to live intentionally. To do every task we are given for the glory of God. Even though it seems mundane, our work is a blessing!

Putting tasks and reminders on paper helps us from getting stressed by everything we have to do by writing them down instead. Then we can see what we have done, what needs to be done, what we will do, and figure out which is most important so that we can fully take in this season of advent.

Bullet Journaling

My favorite way to organize is bullet journaling. It is my favorite because it combines creativity with planning. Just give me a set of brush pens and stationery and I will be writing the whole afternoon (just ask my family).

You may be wondering what bullet journaling is…here is a simple overview! Instead of lines, a bullet journal has dotted grids. Many of them include an index in the front of the journal to coordinate your entries with page numbers; this helps you easily locate certain spreads. Bullet journaling can include everything and anything when it comes to organization. You can track habits, make goals, write to-do lists, and plan. Basically, bullet journals are customized planners.

Bullet journaling is a creative planner, but even for those who may not have a creative side, it can be made simple. Creative spreads are perfect for those who want to organize and de-stress creatively. Basic spreads are ideal for those who are low on time and want to have a simple outline. Either way, bullet journals provide the option to organize multiple things in one journal.

Getting Started

Even if you do not have a bullet journal, you can still make many of the lists I mentioned. As you get started, here are a few ideas that work with just a simple notebook or can be expanded in a planner or bullet journal.
• Goals for the month
• Monthly, daily, or weekly reminders
• Scheduling
• Habit trackers (this is useful if you want to stay committed to a new habit. Examples are waking up early, practicing an instrument, working out, or writing)
• Keeping a log of school assignments and due dates
• Gift ideas

I hope these ideas help you stay productive and organized this Christmas! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ideas to Help You Stay Organized this Christmas”

  1. I have a planner and it is very helpful! I agree that planning things ahead of time is very good for making you less stressed. =)
    Did you do the calligraphy and the penguin in the picture? They are very pretty/cute!


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