Ten of My Favorite Christian Movies (Christmas Movies Included!)

After a long week, I enjoy curling up and watching a good movie. It is relaxing when my eyes are too tired to read (though I have mentioned how much I enjoy reading). It is hard to find wholesome movies. Our culture is captivated by movies that are either violent or immoral. But there are good movies out there. In fact, I can recall many movies that have had an impact on my life. I thought I would share a few of my favorite Christian movies with you!

  1. I Am Not Ashamed
  2. Do You Believe?
  3. War Room
  4. Overcomer
  5. Mom’s Night Out (this movie inspired me to start blogging)

And a few of my favorite Christmas movies!… (most of these are Christian movies and the ones that are not still have a good message)

  1. The Heart of Christmas
  2. Christmas for a Dollar
  3. The Christmas Shoes (there are sequels to this…be prepared to cry!)
  4. Christmas Oranges
  5. The Ultimate Gift

I could include a lot more (especially Christmas movies) but I hope this is a good start!

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