Changing Your Perspective on Failure

     Finished. Well maybe not. Okay I deleted that sentence. Well…oh forget it! Sound familiar? In my mind, everything has to be perfect. This is probably why I do not take failure well. And some days, I feel my life is characterized by failure.

      I am absolutely the worst smoothie maker, my mom on the other hand could start her own business. She usually makes a delicious smoothie that I look forward to in the morning. But when I wake up before her, I get the silly idea that I can make it myself. What can be so hard about putting blueberries (with a few other ingredients) in a blender? Two attempts later and I am left without breakfast.

     This is only a small mishap, but some failures can seem overwhelming. I know you can probably think of a few instances that have made it seem like the day or week will never end.

     It is easy to get caught up in how we fail. We can focus on our low GPA, missing an audition, or losing a race. Yes, these things are disappointing, but they show us that we are imperfect. We will fail. And that is okay. If we always succeeded, than we would easily become prideful in our abilities. We would stop growing.

     Our failures can be an obstacle or an instrument for growth. We can get so caught up in our imperfections that they become an obstacle we cannot move past. If a writer started out as a perfect author, they would miss the chances of growth along the way. We will not always get perfect test scores or make perfect smoothies but we can glorify God with how we handle the things in life that take some extra effort.

    Instead of focusing on your failures, focus on how they give you a chance to grow. But most of all, let them remind you that we are not enough, but God always is.

4 thoughts on “Changing Your Perspective on Failure”

  1. It is so nice to know that others are imperfect too! I love when people are honest and let their imperfections show, and admit their faults, and lets us all know we are all humans and non of us are perfect or need to hold it all together. Only one man ever lived a perfect life.


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