What is So Sweet about Turning Sixteen?

When I was younger, I remember being so excited to turn sixteen. Driving was usually the first thing to come to mind. But apart from the newfound independence, what makes turning sixteen so sweet?

It is often thought of as a step away from adulthood. But when I look around, I see teens taking this time to embrace the freedom and neglect the responsibility.

The freedom that comes with getting closer to adulthood is exciting. I was elated when I first got my permit. It is natural to look forward to this independence, but how will you use it?

Maybe when you get your license, you can take the time to fill up the tank so that your parents will not have to before work. Or when you apply for your first job, you can determine to do your best for God and work joyfully. You can take these freedoms as a chance to build your character.

Sixteen is an exciting age. It is a chance for independence, and with that independence, comes responsibility. As teenagers, we are surrounded by a world that tells us to live these years for ourselves. But as Christians, we can use these years to prepare ourselves for the responsibilities in life. Whether you are thirteen, sixteen, or twenty-three, you can commit your life to serving God with your whole heart.

5 thoughts on “What is So Sweet about Turning Sixteen?”

  1. Amen, so true! Iโ€™m in college right now and I see a lot of people using their independence to be productive – and then again I see a lot of people who are using their independence to goof off and cause trouble.๐Ÿ˜† itโ€™s all about your character and your motivation (it helps to stay focused on running your race and serving God).
    Keep writing friend!


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