Two Poems about Trusting God

Books, quotes, poems…I am noticing a pattern! I think I can call this my “reading series”. My posts have been a little random but I have a tentative outline of posts for the month of October! We will see how long I stick to it!

This past year, God has taught me a lot about surrendering my plans and my will over to Him (future post on this). A couple months ago I wrote these two poems about trusting and following God.

“He leads me through the hills that wind
Along the narrow way
My anchor through the storm
And strength from day to day.

And through the brightest day
When my path ahead is clear
I follow where He guides
Through every joy and tear.”

“I asked Him for a reason,
An answer for my why,
But all I heard was silence
And was left with no reply

I thought I had to know the reason for His plan,
But all I really needed was to take His out-stretched hand
And know He has the answers
For all my why and doubts
And trust His gentle leading
To guide me through each drought”

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