Keeping God First This School Year

New school books are something I look forward to every year. As a homeschooler, I wait for the sound of the UPS truck at the end of summer hoping my books are among the other packages. It is now my second week into school, and some days I wish they had a return policy. The newfound excitement eventually fades, and you are left wondering when the school year will end. But this year can be different.

You have a purpose right where you are- as a student. I thought I would share a couple ways that I am learning to honor God as a student.

Make God Your First Priority

     I realized that I have never explained the title of this blog and it actually fits in perfectly with this post! One of the definitions of thrive is to prosper or flourish. As Christians, we are called to grow and become more like Christ. But we can only grow if we are spending time in His word.

     Psalm 1 describes how we are to delight in the Word of God. Verse two and three says:

“but his delight is in the law of the Lord,
 and in His law he meditates day and night.
He will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,
 that brings forth its fruit in its season;
its leaf will not wither,
and whatever he does will prosper.”

     Spending time studying and meditating on God’s Word is essential to our daily lives. I am writing this for me as well as for you. It is a reminder I need daily. Staying in His Word consistently is a commitment and I had to re-evaluate my routine. For me, it started with getting up earlier (still a work in progress 😊) and taking that time to get my heart right before starting a day of studies. You may find evenings or afternoons work better. But I encourage you to give God your best time today.

     Along with that is something just as important: prayer. I like to pray first thing in the morning to prepare me for the day ahead. I have found it helpful to keep a prayer journal. It reminds me of how God has worked in my life, and in the lives of others through prayer. I encourage you to take time throughout the day to praise God and present your cares to Him. As you continue to spend time in His Word and in prayer, you will be amazed at how you will grow.

Thank God for your Studies (even Algebra)

     Focusing on Algebra can be difficult for me. When will I ever use it? I have spent hours questioning it. It might surprise you that I actually enjoy solving equations, but overall it feels like a waste of time. You may relate to feeling this way about a certain subject. And while it is true that I may never graph a linear equation in life, it is still important. Why? Because it is my job as a student.

      I cannot count how many Algebra quizzes I have failed. If my identity was based off of my success in Algebra I would not get very far. But it has little to do with the subject itself, and everything to do with how we do it. Admittedly, I have done my work grudgingly because it is hard. Or I have complained because it seems useless, forgetting that there is a purpose behind my studies.

     I find that it is a change in perspective. Instead of going into a class complaining, we can thank God that we have an education. Instead of questioning the use, we can remember that it is preparing us to work hard in life. Ultimately, it is remembering that we are doing it to the glory of God. This is our purpose as students-to bring glory to God with whatever we are given.

5 thoughts on “Keeping God First This School Year”

  1. Finding the good in your work now will prepare you for all the things that come at you in the future. Even as an adult I can complain about the things I have to do daily, but I also need to remember that these too are the things God has given me to do and do them happily.


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