My Favorite Faith-Building Books

Today I will be posting something a little different from usual. I thought I would share my top five favorite, faith-building books (it is really hard to remember all of the books I have read so I am only including recent reads)! Even though a new school year has started, I enjoy finding time to read outside of text books. I hope you enjoy these recommendations! 🙂

Do Hard Things

I was given this book last year for my birthday and it has really challenged me in my faith. This book opened my eyes to the low expectations society has on young people and how I can use my teen years for God’s glory. If you have not read this book, I would highly recommend it!

Start Now

Alex and Brett Harris wrote this book after Do Hard Things. It answers questions about doing hard things and gives a practical guide on how to start. This book has inspired me to step out and get started.

Women of the Word

For a long time I read my Bible without really studying it. When I heard about this book I was not sure what I would think, but it has been an extremely helpful tool for studying the Bible. It taught me how to stay true to the context and have a deeper understanding. This book is a great resource if you are looking for ways to dig deeper in your Bible study.

God at the Controls

This book is my all time favorite missionary biography! It is one of the first missionary biographies I have read and I have not stopped reading them since! This book is older and harder to find, but if you look up the title there are portions of it on the mission’s website. This book taught me a lot about trusting God. I would highly recommend checking it out!

Through Gates of Splendor

Elizabeth Elliot has become one of my favorite authors since reading this book. Her books have definitely encouraged and challenged me. Elizabeth Elliot’s faith in God throughout the book is inspiring. Even through the hardest times, she had peace knowing that God is in control. You may know the story, but I do not want to give anymore away…

I want to add that while these books have strengthened my faith, the most important book is the Bible. God’s Word is the only book we will ever need!

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