When the Rain Falls: Trusting God When Plans Change

Peaceful, calm, serene – these were the first words that came to mind as we made our way down the long, scenic river. It was only my second time kayaking, but it reminded me of riding a bike. The clouds offered a cool relief from the sun. It was a perfect day to be on the water. That was until the storm clouds hit and the rain began to fall hard.

Let’s just say I left drenched, and it wasn’t because I fell in the water. Through the downpour, I couldn’t stop laughing. I honestly do not know why I thought the turn of events was so amusing; it was just the story of my life. But it reminds me of how life often changes in ways that we do not expect.

The 10% chance of precipitation turned into a giant rainstorm. Even when we have our whole planner perfectly organized, days are bound to change. And we can either embrace the change or reject it. There are times when we may not see the purpose behind God’s plan.

Why is there pain, rejection and loss? These are “why” questions that send a lot of people questioning their faith. We may never see the reason behind His perfect plan, but we can rest assured that He has one. Recently God brought me through a season where He showed me that He is the one in control, not me. God has the perfect plan.

The verse that He kept showing me was Romans 8:28 “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” He works all for good. He takes our pain and loss and uses them for good. As humans, it is hard to wrap our mind around how our broken pieces can be used for good.

But we are not always going to understand; we are just called to trust. Trust that His plan is better than ours. Trust that He knows the answer to our “whys”. We do not have all the explanations for why things happen the way they do, but our almighty, sovereign God does. It is encouraging to know that He is in control even when life seems out of control. He has a plan through the change and the storms; just trust Him.

2 thoughts on “When the Rain Falls: Trusting God When Plans Change”

  1. When we want to worry or want to stress, its always better to remember that God is in control and its all part of His plan! I can relate, in my life many times every turn seems like another storm. I need that constant reminder to not lean on my own strength, and to remember that God is in control.


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